With or without Washington’s help, the crypto train chugs on

Even as the industry dreads potential new regulation in the U.S., signs of growth abound

Photo by Executium via Unsplash

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Cryptopians hailed another week of big market gains, but they also freaked out over the U.S. Senate’s passage of an infrastructure bill that included new regulations on crypto brokers. There are yet some reasons for hope, though.

Most important, the bill may be amended in the House of Representatives before it’s signed into law.

There’s also the improbably zen-like view offered by widely followed investor Raoul Pal after the senate vote. His take: Crypto adoption among users is still moving forward at a rapid pace, and some amount of new regulation is inevitable. So, hey, let’s just deal with it as a community and seek the best deal possible.

With a hat tip to Pal’s focus on the big picture, here are five recent datapoints that have caught my own attention lately. These highlight how the crypto economy and the conventional one alike are evolving right now, sometimes in unexpected ways:

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