#Web3 Weekly: Feb. 28 to March 6, 2021

I’m launching a little new experiment in journalistic transparency via GitHub

Octocat is the mascot of the popular code-sharing site GitHub. Awwww…

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I’m starting a little experiment in journalistic transparency here. Beginning with this edition of the newsletter, you can now view a revision history of the content, including all the earlier drafts, on GitHub.

In essence, this allows you to track my workflow as I add interesting links throughout the week, then write and edit the final version of the content to send out.

This is an expanded use of the repository I’ve always maintained of the newsletter’s HTML on GitHub. It was mostly there as a long-term archive before, but now I’m committing to using it regularly throughout the week as a drafting tool as well, so you can “watch” the content evolve over time if you wish. I’ll also include a link to this revision history each week from here out.

I’ve been toying with this idea for a long time, to be honest. Back when I was a Wall Street Journal reporter in the aughts, I suggested to the newsroom’s first social media coordinator that we should maintain and share publicly revision histories of our stories, Wikipedia style, to increase readers’ trust in our work.

People’s trust in the press was already starting to wane in that era — a problem that has only mushroomed since. I figured additional transparency into our daily workflow might help to remedy the problem. However, word came back that this approach would make the WSJ higher-ups too antsy at the time.

With the newsletter these days, I don’t have that problem. So why not give it a shot, finally? ☺️

We’ll see how it goes from here. Let me know what you think anytime.

On to the latest headlines:

  • Amazon’s managed blockchain service now supports Ethereum. The new integration within the popular Amazon Web Services suite should help enterprises experiment and adopt distributed applications more widely.

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