Startups, don’t miss the Epic Web3 pitch competition.

Deadline to apply for the Lisbon event is May 26.

Peter A. McKay
2 min readMay 24, 2023

As a media partner of the Epic Web3 Conference, I’m eagerly anticipating the gathering, which is now fast approaching on June 9 in Lisbon. In preparation, there’s another important date I want to alert startup founders about as well.

One of the conference highlights will be a startup pitch competition judged by a panel of prominent crypto venture capitalists. The final deadline to apply for the competition is May 26.

If you’re interested — and you really, really should be if you’re trying to launch a world-changing crypto company right now — details to apply are available on the conference website here. In essence, you’ll have to get a startup pass to the Epic Web3 Conference, submit a deck, and meet a few other requirements to get selected for the pitch competition.

The field of competitors is already taking shape, with just a few spots remaining. So far, here are the startups that have been accepted to participate, including links to their respective websites:

  • Hermes Protocol: Enables critical notifications, with the ultimate goal of “connecting everything and everyone in Web3.”
  • Magic Square: “The ultimate web3 app store.”
  • iMe: Intelligent DeFi andAI messaging platform powered by the Telegram API, with a non-custodial crypto wallet.
  • Ashen Horizon: Cross-platform, turn-based strategy role-playing game in a cyberpunk setting.
  • Artgonuts: Platform to help users explore the art and culture of a city in a fun and educational way.
  • Mogaland: Metaverse game to improve financial literacy.
  • Humans: Accelerator for web3 founders, investors, and other contributors.
  • Oasiis Insights: Creator of AddZest, a platform for companies to create personalized journeys for their web3 customers that increase engagement and sales.
  • Tide: Marketing app for offering fast, scalable rewards to users.

As you can see, these startups are building some really cool stuff for web3. If you’re working on something similar, apply for the pitch competition today!

I should also say: If you’re not a startup founder but have an interest in the conference, I have a special offer for you as well. As a special offer for readers of my newsletter #Web3Weekly, Epic Web3 is offering a 15% discount on Full or VC passes to their upcoming conference, taking place June 9 in Lisbon.

As you can see in the full agenda for the conference, it will truly cover every facet of the web3 space, from non-fungible tokens to cryptocurrencies to decentralized apps. To redeem the #Web3Weekly discount, be sure to apply the code WEB3WEEKLY at checkout when you purchase your ticket.

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