Let’s talk decentralized publishing

I’ve set up a new way for writers interested in using Capsule’s revolutionary new platform to catch up with me in real time.

A quick social sync today: I’ve created a new public calendar for anyone who wants to chat one-on-one about what we’re working on at Capsule Social to push decentralized discourse forward.

Sharing this info on my personal channels for the benefit of any writers out there frustrated by Big Tech platforms’ grip on the content economy. (Which is all of you, no?) As I’ve mentioned before, the Capsule team is really excited about the alternative we’re building — a blockchain-powered platform that creates renewed independence for a wide variety of creators, including new opportunities to monetize using cryptocurrency.

The development team recently posted a nice update about their progress after an all-hands meeting in Paris:

If you or your organization are interested in using Capsule’s new software, let’s definitely talk! I’m also open to talking with journalists about possible stories regarding Capsule itself, of course. Or I can put you in touch with team members who have relevant expertise for stories on blockchain or tech trends in general that you’re working on.

Just book an open slot on my Calendly. I’ll be glad to follow up with a video link, and we can go from there. 😀