Hello, Capsule.

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Some major personal news to pass along today: I will be joining Capsule Social as Head of Content & Writer Development, starting Thursday.

Capsule is all about decentralized discourse and empowering creators. They’re building a publishing platform that leverages blockchain technology both for censorship-resistant hosting of content and for payments. (Writers will also be able to charge readers the old-fashioned way if they prefer.) The software is currently in private alpha, with public launch planned for January.

For further details, check out this YouTube update the team recently shot during an all-hands gathering in Paris. There has also been some good third-party coverage of the company by TechCrunch here and here.

If you follow me here on Medium, or subscribe to my newsletter #Web3Weekly, you know that these problems Capsule is working to solve in the content economy are dear to my heart. During my days as a reporter at the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, I saw firsthand the collateral damage that our current Death Star-sized corporate tech platforms caused to journalism in particular. Plus there is growing public concern about all sorts of other unintended harms created by Big Tech, from undermining teens’ mental health to facilitating genocide and on and on.

We urgently need new ways to share information with one another. Ones that are fairer, more transparent, and more humane. That’s exactly what Capsule is building, and I am beyond excited to help them do it.

In my new role, I’ll lead the team that crafts Capsule’s messaging as a company, and I’ll be recruiting a diverse cohort of writers to publish their own work on the new platform. We’re looking for journalists, artists, scientists, hobbyists, and anyone else who wants to share their passion with engaged readers.

If that describes you, please drop me an email at peter[at]capsule.social. Let’s talk. 😉



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Peter A. McKay

Peter A. McKay


I publish the newsletter #Web3Weekly. Former Head of Content & Writer Development at Capsule Social. Other priors: WSJ, Washington Post, and Vice News.