5 great tech podcasts, all hosted by women

Image by Israel Palacio via Unsplash

I recently realized, happily, that almost all my favorite tech podcasts are either solo hosted or co-hosted by women.

For all the justified concern about gender diversity in tech these days, this strikes me as a bright spot worth sharing, especially since I honestly didn’t plan my media consumption this way. I just went looking for the most relevant content to play in the background throughout the day while I’m working, and that happened to be a lot of shows hosted by some really sharp ladies.

Here are my top five tech staples, with links to subscribe:

  • Unconfirmed: Weekly long-form interview show about blockchain hosted by Laura Shin. I find she really gets a great cross-section of guests, including folks working on quirky, cool projects I’ve never heard of and major household-name figures in the blockchain space as well, like Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.
  • Unchained: Shorter, newsier show about blockchain also hosted by Laura. Great for keeping up on headlines and major trends in the space.
  • Pivot: Veteran tech journalist Kara Swisher and business professor Scott Galloway (aka “The Big Dawg”) co-host this show for Recode covering the intersection of tech, business, and politics. This one’s a lot of fun, published every Friday.
  • ZigZag: I started listening to this show, co-hosted by former radio journalists Manoush Zomorodi and Jen Poyant, because it was an original participant in Civil, a project to run news organizations “on the blockchain.” ZigZag’s first season focused solely on that subject matter, but the show has since morphed into a more holistic, fascinating discussion of “the culture of business and work — and what needs to change.” Glad I stuck around for it.
  • Command Line Heroes: Hosted by developer Saron Yitbarek, this Red Hat-sponsored show covers the history and evolution of open source. I truly “geek out” to this one. 😊

Finally, I’ll give an honorable mention to This Week in Tech, hosted by Leo Laporte, which is an indisputably essential discussion of Silicon Valley every Sunday. TWiT doesn’t fit the profile of having a woman as full-time host, but I’d say it is consistently inclusive of women as guests. Leo has also been open about trying to improve the racial diversity of his panels, which is a vital issue as well in the tech industry.

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